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Simple Health Services

The Path to Health + Wellness

One-on-One Health Coaching

Receive personal customized coaching specific to YOUR health and wellness goals! Together we will discuss, and devise a plan to meet those goals through support, tips, recipes, self discovery, laughter and more!

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Walk and Talk Health Coaching

Get those endorphins firing while we walk and discover your inner health nut! It’s One on One coaching with a kick! You can do one or all of your sessions in this way. Customize it to fit YOUR needs!

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Healthy Kitchen Make-Over

Invite me into your home and we will investigate what’s REALLY in your pantry and refrigerator! Become your own detective! Learn about sugars, toxic manufactured chemicals, and additives that are lurking in our food.

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Grocery Store Tours

Wander the aisles of grocery stores together. Ask questions and discuss tips for healthier eating. I will show you my top picks for our family. Receive recipes and handy shopping handouts!

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Small Group Classes

I offer an array of small group classes! If you have a subject in mind that you’d like me to present to a small group, I do that too. All classes are fun and interactive! Bring your questions and experiences! You will learn while we support one another in the life long journey of health and happiness!

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Meet Charlene

"We go beyond what is on your plate. We look at lifestyle choices, stress, career, relationships and more! And we have fun doing it! "

Meet Charlene Hull

HI! I’m Charlene Hull, most people call me Char! I am a busy of mom of two active boys, who keep me on my toes! I am a Certified Nutrition Health Coach. I am passionate about eating and feeding our families REAL food so we can all be at our best and have the energy we need to get through the day! I love, love LOVE working with others on their journey to do the same.